A key feature in the Direct 2 Guests’ interactive platform is the Places Nearby tab that allows local businesses to reach Hotel guests through an easy to use and customizable advertising platform. The platform replaces traditional hit and miss brochures and media advertising by reaching hotel guests directly.


  • Positioned on IPTV System and additional video on demand located in every room
  • Direct advertising to ideal customers – local hotel guests
  • Easy to use interface allowing businesses to update their profile, announce daily specials etc. – any changes updates on platform instantly.

This is a cost effective means to directly target the elusive hotel guest market when they are making spending decisions from the comfort of their hotel room.

An average 100 room hotel will host an estimated 3750 guests in an month representing PHP 18,555,525 in local spending.

An average of 150 room in Canadian Hotel will host an estimated 1800 different sets of guest in a month representing $540,000 in local spending.